Basic to Bridal Hijab Styling course

Basic to Bridal Hijab Styling course

Basic to Bridal Hijab Styling course

Humaira Waza – Renowned and sought out Humaira Waza is a highly experienced hijab stylist and consultant, offering styling services for every occasion including weddings. Her company has revolutionised the way hijab styling is viewed, and as a result, she has amassed a sizeable portfolio from all over the UK.

Learn the Art
Now, for a limited time only, Humaira Waza is offering an insightful and educational course to teach you the art of Hijab Styling. An excellent opportunity for all you aspiring hijab stylists to reap from the experience that has allowed Humaira to feature her styles at distinguished events across the UK. With no previous styling experience needed, the course will take its students from the basics of styling a hijab to the in depth understanding of creating the perfect bridal hijab.

All students will receive an itinerary and a starter kit on the first day of the course

Course Syllabus:
1. Basics

▪ Preparing the hair underneath the hijab on both party and bridal styling
▪ Understanding the foundation of the hijab base
▪ Understanding face and head shapes
▪ Learning the difference in how to style difference face and head shapes
▪ How to contour with hijab
▪ The art of pinning securely, safely and effectively

2. Party and Turban Hijab Styling:
▪ Learning to create party styles in three stages
▪ Learning different techniques – pleating, rouging, flowering, cross-pleating
▪ Understanding the difference between party styling and bridal styling

3. Bridal Hijab Styling:
▪ Learning how to adapt party styles to turban styles Bridal Hijab Styling
▪ How to set the base in bridal hijab styling
▪ Understanding and learning how to adapt party styles to bridal styling
▪ How to create different bridal looks for dupatta setting
▪ How to effectively pin in jewellery and bridal dupattas
▪ How to securely pin in accessories
▪ How to incorporate accessories into your styling

What you will be provided during your training:
▪ A starter kit
▪ A doll head
▪ A mirror
▪ Variety of scarves in different materials
▪ Accessories and Jewellery





Terms and conditions:

▪ All deposits paid are non-refundable and non transferable
▪ Full payment must be cleared no later than 7 days prior to the course date
▪ If your payment is not received 7 days prior to the course date, you will lose your place on the course and your deposit will not be refunded
▪ If you fail to attend, course fees will not be refunded
▪ You are responsible for your own travel to the course location
▪ Humaira Waza Hijab School bears no responsibility of any lost or stolen items. All students are advised to look after their belongings at all times
▪ You are expected to arrive 15 minutes prior to the start time to ensure training duration is not compromised
▪ You are entitled to a half an hour lunch break
▪ Humaira Waza reserves the right to dis qualify any student from her course for negligence, lack of learning ethics, abusive verbal or physical behaviour, theft of goods and disrupting valuable teaching time
▪ No refund will be given if disqualified from the course
▪ You agree to complete a one day training course to receive a certification of attendance and training provided by Humaira Waza
▪ No videography is allowed at any stage in the course
▪ You agree to fully credit Humaira Waza on all social media platforms on images uploaded from the course during and post course date
▪ You agree to leave feedback for Humaira Waza on your social media platforms
▪ You agree to include ‘Trained by Humaira Waza’ on your social media bios for a minimum of 12 month
▪ You agree to credit Humaira Waza for any paid bookings/photoshoots you have completed provided through Humaira Waza
▪ You agree to not share trade secrets with a third party
▪ You agree to comply fully with the above terms and conditions