“Never a bad hijab day!”

These five words eloquently capture the essence of the work carried out by hijab stylist Humaira Waza. Based in London, it is unlikely that those keeping a watchful eye on modest fashion trends have not seen the work of Humaira Waza.

Humaira’s love with hijab styling came at a time when Muslim girls all over the world were trying to reaffirm their Islamic identity in the context of western fashion trends. Hijabs were seen as boring and uniform, and the idea of wearing printed and coloured hijabs of different materials had not yet become popular.

Girls all over will attest to the fact their hair is their crowning glory, and there is always a perception that covered girls miss out on feeling that glamorous feeling which various hairdo brings.  Hair is a huge industry, with experts passing declarations on what suits certain face shapes and skin tones. In the face of this, Humaira realised that just as layers frame a face, so do hijabs, and from there, her journey began.

Since starting up her business , her brand has evolved from its roots as a modest online business to being at the forefront of the hijab styling industry. Having taking a large number of bookings in various locations in and around the UK, Humaira has amassed an enviable portfolio. Indeed, it is this portfolio that has drawn the attention of internationally recognisable events, companies and fashion shows.

One would be forgiven for thinking that is enough success for one person, but Humaira’s revolution did not end there. Now realising that hijabs could be artfully styled to enhance the natural beauty we have, many brides took the bold step of having their hijabs styled on their wedding day. In doing so, Humaira has helped many girls assert their core Islamic identity on the most important events of their lives. However just like hair trends evolve, so too do hijab trends, and so she works tirelessly to make sure the innovation continues.

In keeping with the ethos of empowering girls who cover, Humaira is eager to expand her vision far and wide. She is passionate in enabling every woman to reflect her personality through her hijab, and so she plans to continue trying and testing new looks at every opportunity. She is relentless in this pursuit, and looks everywhere for inspiration, particularly to other cultures. In this way, she has been able to extend her philosophy to people who are accustomed to covering their hair in a different manner, for example simply covering the top of the head in the form of a turban or a head wrap.

While she has so far made her efforts alone, in order to spread her vision, a helping hand is always needed. Thus she has founded the Humaira Waza Hijab School to train aspiring hijab stylists, and also hold self-grooming classes to teach them the art of being able to style unique hijabs. With all this to come, you can be sure that in the future it really will be the case for women everywhere that there truly is “never a bad hijab day!”


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